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Home Automation

Transform your living space into a responsive haven with our intelligent home automation solutions, creating a personalized and streamlined environment.

Office Automation

Optimize your workspace for success with our office automation services, ensuring your workspace adapts to your business needs seamlessly.

CCTV/security/Alarm systems

Elevate your security with our advanced CCTV and alarm systems. Tailored for homes and businesses, our solutions offer real-time monitoring and instant alerts for unparalleled protection.

Low Voltage Lighting Services

Illuminate your space with precision and efficiency through our advanced low-voltage lighting services, bringing a new level of control to your fingertips.

Digital Signage

Capture attention and convey messages effortlessly with our dynamic digital signage solutions. Our high-quality displays and interactive features create engaging environments for impactful communication.


Structured Cabling

Ensure seamless connectivity with our efficient structured cabling solutions. From home networks to scalable business setups, our expert infrastructure minimizes downtime and future-proofs your communication needs.

Drive Thru Systems

Transform your customer experience with our streamlined drive-thru systems. Boost efficiency, reduce wait times, and enhance order accuracy with our innovative technology.

Visit Our Showroom

Stop by our showroom to explore the cutting-edge installations from OVC Cabling that redefine convenience and elevate spaces.

Automation Company in Clarksville, IN

With a legacy built on years of expertise, OVC Cabling stands as the premier choice for automation services in Clarksville, IN, and the surrounding Kentuckiana areas. Our commitment to quality is not just a promise — it's a guarantee that every project we undertake reflects the pinnacle of excellence. When you choose OVC Cabling, you're choosing a partner to transform your home or business into a hub of intelligence and efficiency.

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Loxone Automation Control Systems

Step into the future with OVC Cabling's expertise in Loxone automation systems. We specialize in bringing the power of Loxone to your fingertips, ensuring that your living or working space is smart and intuitive. Experience a new level of control with the Loxone App, where you can effortlessly manage lighting, security, and more. OVC Cabling is not just a service provider — we're your gateway to an innovative, more connected lifestyle.

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Beyond TVs and Wires

At OVC Cabling, we understand that true automation is more than just hanging a TV or running wires. We're here to automate your life comprehensively. Imagine a home that responds to your needs, an office that adapts to your workflow – that's the world we create. From lighting and blinds to fire alarms and energy-efficient systems, OVC Cabling is your gateway to a hassle-free, intelligent environment.

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Why Automation?

In a rapidly evolving world, automation stands as the key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency and convenience. Embracing automation in your home or business translates to a lifestyle of seamless control and enhanced productivity. Our automation solutions empower you to manage security effortlessly with advanced CCTV and alarm systems, establish reliable and scalable connectivity through structured cabling, streamline customer interactions with innovative drive-thru systems, and captivate audiences with dynamic digital signage. Embrace the future with our automation services, where technology meets simplicity to elevate your living and working spaces. Experience the transformative power of automation and redefine the way you engage with your surroundings.

Let’s Transform Your Space

Ready to experience the OVC Cabling difference? Take the first step toward a seamlessly automated life by scheduling your consultation today. Our experts are eager to understand your unique needs and craft a tailored automation solution that enhances your space. Your automated future awaits!

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